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This blog post will change your financial standing in life, if you do what it says. This is no exaggeration.

While the post is just a few pages long, it has EXACTLY the information that you’ll need to profit online. It’s concise because if I can say something in two words, I never use three.

Quite frankly, if you’re new to online marketing, less is more. With fewer moving parts involved, you’ll be more focused, and will avoid the mistakes that countless newbies make.

In this report, you’ll be shown how to profit in just 3 steps. Yes… 3 little steps.

  1. Set up a squeeze page (with a freebie)
  2. Build a list
  3. Email this list

That’s really all there is to it. The goal here is to keep things simple.

We’re not going to be building ecommerce stores or dabbling in paid traffic. We won’t be building blogs and praying that the latest Google update doesn’t wipe us out.

We’ll not be writing books for Kindle or buying domains to flip. None of that. While these business models are proven… they just require too much work and time!

You’re better off with this simple 3-step system because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – especially when you’re short on time, money, and experience.

If you’re trying to make money online, you’re either:

  • On a tight budget
  • Want to earn more
  • Hate your current job and hate your boss even more
  • Want financial freedom
  • *Insert any other reason you may have*

So our objective here is to get you earning in the fastest possible time. This will help you attain your goals above, whichever they may be.

So we’ll be leveraging free tools and tapping into the power of affiliate marketing.

Let’s begin!

Step #1

Before we embark on Step #1, you’ll need to do some homework.

And we’ll do this by working backwards. Many beginner marketers work in a ‘forward thinking manner’ and it causes them to stumble and lose their way as they.

In this system, you’ll think backwards – and suddenly, everything will seem logical, sensible and fall into place.

We’ll start off by asking these 7 questions:

  1. What am I promoting?
  2. How will I promote it?
  3. What emails will I send?
  4. How will I send out these emails?
  5. How will I build my list
  6. What freebie will I be giving away?
  7. How will I build my squeeze page?

When you downloaded this report, you should have received a workbook and a resource list together with it. You’ll use the workbook to answer a few of these crucial questions.

Throughout the 3 steps, we’ll be addressing these 7 questions… but it’s best that you read this guide first before filling out the workbook.

Then you can use the workbook as a roadmap to guide you along the way.

Back to Step #1…

Since we’re trying to keep our costs low, the first thing you’ll want to do is sign up for a free Systeme.io account.

If you wish to get higher limits, you can always upgrade to the Startup plan, which is very affordable. But if you’re really on a tight budget, a free plan will do.

Generally, when marketers want to build squeeze pages, they’ll either set up their site on WordPress and use a page builder like OptimizePress or Elementor.

Just so you know, OptimizePress costs $129 a year and Elementor is around $59/year… and neither gives you as much as Systeme.io’s free plan. So you’re better off with Systeme.

To answer question 7 from earlier, “How will I build my squeeze page? – you’ll build it on Systeme.io.

Now let’s look at question 6, “What freebie will I be giving away?”

To answer this question, you need to know what product you’ll be promoting – which is the answer to question 1.

Here’s where so many beginners get it wrong!

They create the freebie first with nary a thought given to what they’ll ultimately be promoting.

Because of this, their freebie is either NOT congruent with the offer and/or it doesn’t promote the offer within it.

Once you answer question #1, “What am I promoting?” – you’ll have an idea of what you could offer as a freebie to tempt visitors to sign up to your list.

Most important point to note: Your freebie MUST be congruent to the product you’re promoting.

We’ll give you a few examples:

  • If you’re promoting a course on building authority sites (e.g. Authority Hacker of Affiliate Lab), a congruent freebie might be an SEO checklist for blog posts.
  • If you’re promoting a tool like Notion, you might want to offer a small bundle of 5 Notion templates as a gift.
  • If you’re promoting Shopify to ecommerce newbies, a short report on “7 Common Shopify Mistakes to Avoid” will be an excellent freebie.

Every single freebie above is relevant and related to what we’ll be promoting. In this way, visitors interested in the topic will be eager to get your freebie – and far more likely to purchase what you’re promoting.

On a side note: Do remember to weave your affiliates into your freebie where possible… but don’t overdo it.

If you’re wondering what you could give away as a freebie, here’s a quick list:

  • Short reports
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • PLR products
  • Cheat sheets
  • Workbooks
  • Access to mini-courses
  • Video training
  • Point them straight to the sales page of the product you’re promoting!

Let’s dwell on the last point for a minute!

If you’re not in the mood to create or even use a PLR product as a freebie, there’s one way you could still build a list without offering anything.

Let’s assume we’re promoting the Authority Site System course…

What we’d do is create a simple squeeze page on our Systeme.io account.

The Systeme platform has several pre-built templates. We just need to pick one you like and edit it.

One can literally build a landing page in minutes with Systeme. We used one of the templates and created this…

Notice how the button is the same color as the button on the Authority Hacker sales page?

We’re trying to keep it congruent. If we went a step further and tweaked our squeeze page, we could get it very similar to the sales page.

And if a visitor clicks on the button, a pop up will appear for them to sign up to your list…

Now, when someone signs up to your list, they’re taken straight to the sales page.

There’s no freebie offer or anything – but the subscriber is still on your list. Now you can send him/her emails to further promote the offer.

There are pros and cons to this style of opt in. The pros are that it’s fast, easy, and convenient.

The cons are that you don’t have a freebie to deliver value and nothing to pre-sell the leads. Another downside is that the visitor signs up expecting some value only to be sent to a sales page – and this will annoy some people.

Nevertheless, it’s one method you can consider, if you really want to take shortcuts.

If you’re willing to put in more work and create a freebie, you’ll reap rewards later.

You can either create the freebie yourself or use private label rights content (PLR) as your lead magnet.

And now we’ll move on to Step #2…

Step #2

In this step, you’ll be adding subscribers to your list.

If you’re thinking, “Gasp! Do I need to pay for an autoresponder?”

Calm down. You don’t. Systeme.io has an email marketing tool built within the platform. Lucky you.

If you were getting a 3rd party email marketing tool for your site such as GetResponse or ConvertKit, you’d pay about $19 to $29 per month. Maybe more.

So, you’re definitely saving money with Systeme… especially if you’re new to the business and have not gained traction yet.

There’s more good news!

You’re allowed 2000 contacts and unlimited emails with Systeme even on the free plan. You’ll want to upgrade to a higher plan once your list starts growing.

As you build your email list, you’ll be able to email your subscribers about new offers and more. Of course, you’ll be an affiliate for these products and be able to earn commissions.

You have the option of sending newsletters or creating an email campaign.

Newsletters are emails that you may type daily (or whenever you feel like) and mail it to all your subscribers at once.

A campaign is a sequence of emails that goes out at intervals specified by you. For example, once the visitor signs up to your list, they’ll get the freebie access email immediately (Day 0).

You can queue the next email to go out 2 days later… and the following email to go out 4 days after the previous email and so on. You have full flexibility in deciding when your emails will go out.

To create a campaign, you’ll need to click on the Emails tab in your Systeme account and then click on Campaigns…

From here, you can type out your emails and queue them up…

By doing this, you’ll be front-loading all the work. The emails will go out automatically and you won’t need to do much once you have a solid, proven sequence of emails.

Of course, you’ll want to write emails that deliver value with promotions every now and then.

We’ve now answered these 2 questions from earlier:

  • What emails will I send?
  • How will I send out these emails?

It’s time for the final step…

Step #3

“How will I build my list?”

This step is the one that trips most newbies up – and it’s traffic generation.

Since this is not a traffic generation report, we’ll just stick to the fundamentals and focus on free, organic traffic.

Currently, there are 3 social media platforms that are great for generating free traffic…

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

Pick one platform that suits your preferences.

Once you’ve picked a platform, learn whatever you can about generating traffic with it.

Let’s assume you’re going with Facebook traffic.

You’ll then spend a week or two watching videos on YouTube showing you how to drive traffic from Facebook. Then you’ll apply what you learn.

Ideally, you’ll want to go where your target audience congregates – in this example, that would be Facebook groups in your niche. Deliver as much value as you can to these groups.

Add people who are in this niche to your friend list. Go slow… but be consistent.

Don’t spam the groups and don’t add a whole bunch of people as friends all at once.

When it comes to free traffic, you want to be consistently delivering value without being overbearing.

Facebook is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic, if you’re in groups that are engaged.

If you’re using YouTube or TikTok as your traffic platforms, you’ll need to record videos… and it may take a while to gain traction. But over time, you’ll get more likes and engagement.

People will click on the links in your description/profile to learn more about you.

Make sure over 90% of your links are pointing to your landing page. In this way, you can siphon traffic off these platforms and build your list.

Once they’re on your list, your sequence of emails will go out regularly. If you’ve done a good job with your emails, you’ll earn affiliate commissions as people buy the products you recommend.

The reason why most newbies NEVER see results is because they quit too soon. Free traffic generation takes time. So keep at it.


This report is short… but the information within is proven to work. Thousands of affiliates are using this exact method to profit online.

Do note: While we said that there are 3 steps involved… these are the 3 major steps. Each step will have a bunch of actions that you need to take.

For example, Step #3 is about driving traffic.

But if you’re using YouTube to drive traffic, you’ll need to set up a channel, create videos, optimize your descriptions and so.

There are many mini-actions involved… and you’ll need to do them to make Step #3 work as a whole.

It may seem like a lot of work, but rest assured, this is the bare minimum required to make money online. The other online business models are far more complex with many more steps and costs involved.

This ‘Squeeze Page Profits’ system is ideal for beginners who just want to get started and make an income online in the fastest possible time.

As your affiliate commissions increase, you can look at expanding your efforts and getting a higher tier plan on Systeme.io to scale your income.

You may also wish to create and sell infoproducts. After all, once you’re successfully driving traffic to your landing page and getting leads – you might as well sell your products and keep 100% of the profit.

Does that sound good?

You bet, it does!

But it all starts with the 3 steps shown here.

Once you complete the first 2 steps, most of the work will be done. The rest of your efforts can be dedicated to consistent traffic generation.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for Systeme.io
  2. Find products to promote
  3. Build a squeeze page
  4. Add a sequence of emails to your campaign
  5. Start driving free traffic to your landing page

That’s all there is to it. Start applying what you learned and you’ll see the commissions trickling in within a month or two.

From there the sky’s the limit!

Congrats! You’re making money online… and all it takes is 3 steps and a Systeme.io account.





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